Marino Rota

My name is Marino Rota In 1995 I bought Granselegarden and after Villa Adele to follow what was my dream and passions: Fishing and Hunting. I personally manage the two facilities and I follow with the help of my collaborators every moment of the day of our customers. I would like to clarify that we are not a travel agency but rather an accommodation facility on site that means that our clients have to deal with me directly from the request for accommodation, to the estimate, to the confirmation and of course to all the information week of fishing or hunting in total relaxation without having to think about anything. I know very well the expectations of my clients and for this reason every year we try, Me and My collaborators, to grow more and more in quality and services … and new challenges. Thanks to the double passport I have also become captain of the Swedish fly fishing team, this always brings me to know everything in the fishing sector there is again! All the new knowledge leads to increasing the quality of services and fishing for my customers! I hope to have you as my guests soon Marino